Brain and Sleep Support System

A two-part system that helps support cognitive function and promote brain health.*

  • Contains both a daily targeted supplement and nightly spray
  • Supports brain function to promote mental focus, concentration, and decision-making*
  • Scientifically formulated to promote healthy brain activity*

Values & Benefits

  • Increased Mental Focus

    Using green tea and citicoline, Brain Boost & Renewal™ fuels the brain and supports brain function.*

  • Memory Boost

    Brain Boost & Renewal is scientifically formulated using ginkgo biloba and L-carnosine to support memory recall and promote memory retention.*

  • Improve Sleep Quality

    Sleep Support & Renewal™ contains fast-absorbed, sustained-release melatonin combined with a proprietary nutrient complex to promote a sound, more beneficial night’s rest, which in turn can aid memory, mental clarity, cognitive function, and overall brain health.*

  • What is the Brain and Sleep Support System?
  • Why do I need the Brain and Sleep Support System?
  • How does it work?
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4.5 Of 5 By 8 Users
July 24,2019
Sandy Luker

My husband and I use Brain Boost and love it! We work and live together 24/7! Since we started using this, we have a lot more mental clarity and rarely do we have "who was that customer" or "what did I order for Jim" etc. We ran out once....................only once!!

May 07,2019

I LOVE THIS STUFF! there is 1.6 mg of Melatonin per spray. I use 6 sprays and I always sleep well!

April 23,2018
Kristin Dodson

I have been struggling with staying focused and remembering things (probably due to not focusing). Since taking the Brain Boost I have felt SUPER focused. No struggle. Just get done what needs to get done. There is nothing jittery or hyped up about it. It's just a good solid mental clarity that I have been lacking. No more frustration!

January 27,2018

This is an absolute God send to help me fall asleep right away and if I wake up with the kiddos at night I can take one squirt or maybe two and I fall back to sleep instead of tossing and turning for hours and hours. Absolutely love this product!

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